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We love to take pictures and show them to the world.

Banquet Room

Banquet Room

Butt Steak


Burger, Beer and Bally

Thank you to our service men and women

We are grateful for our lovely customers!

This is Jorge, he makes good food.  He is our head chef.

Anastasia and Vicky, sisters and our dynamic duo bartenders!

Jackie and her daughter love Jenny's. Jackie's favorite is the oxtail soup.

Oh Donna! Has been serving our customers since we opened!

Just started at Jenny's and guess what? She's Donna's sister.
We love family!

Linda and Kristy are the mother and daughter team that have been with Jenny's since we opened.  TLA

Monday Special
Pot Roast and Potato Pancakes

Erica and Connie, great servers, great people

Jack came to dinner with his dad, he skipped the kids menu and went right to the 
T Bone dinner! He said,
"This steak is bigger than Me"

Bonnie had a portrait drawn by one of our favorite customers.

Tony and Kuco are brothers and have been cooking up a storm at Jenny's since we opened!

Winner Winner at our  Christmas Dinner...Alex won the ugly Christmas Sweater contest!

Some of the best people on the southside are in this picture!

We are thankful for people like Morgan that make Jenny's a great place.

A heartwarming story